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Who is Hazel & Grey?


We chose careers in architecture because we love buildings, but we chose to start our own firm because we love working with people. We see our role in the process as a guide to our clients, providing creativity, knowledge and expertise for each project.  For many of our clients this is a new experience and we want to make sure that they feel comfortable moving through the design process.


We want to be a resource for any question, a sounding board for any idea, and a guide along the way so they are excited, and passionate about, their project. 


Julie Griffin




Raised in Cartersville, Georgia, Julie enjoyed the small-town life of family, friends and high school sports.  Her passion for art and love of buildings led her to pursue a career in architecture.  She worked for a firm designing schools and sports facilities for nearly a decade until she decided to pursue the greatest challenge of all, full-time Mom to two boys. Not long into that transition, her passion for architecture grew from moonlighting and side work to a full-time business. When she is not working with her hubby, you will find her cooking, baking, gardening and trying to maintain some sense of order in a house full of boys.  She also enjoys exploring new restaurants and old buildings around the world with Jeremy. 

Jeremy Griffin




A rare Atlanta native, Jeremy grew up surrounded by family while playing baseball and golf.  Growing up around the construction industry, working with his Dad, and loving art and all things hand-made, architecture felt like a perfect combination for him.  His career has included experiences at a handful of Atlanta firms, ranging from international high rises to local restaurants and high-end homes.  He always has a sketchbook close by so he can get the never-ending stream of ideas out on paper.  When he’s not working, he is probably wrestling with his boys or acting as sous-chef to Julie in the kitchen.  He also enjoys getting outside for a family hike and going on dates with his bride. 

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